Understanding Shopping Patterns in Korean Cosmetic Online Stores

insight | 2023. 6. 15.

Consumer shopping behavior varies significantly across product categories. At Datarize, we've unearthed compelling insights on how to captivate online consumers by analyzing their behavioral patterns in beauty and non-beauty online stores.


⭐️ Key Distinctions Among Beauty Category Shoppers:

✔️ Swift transition from browsing to order completion

✔️ Elevated rate of shopping cart abandonment

✔️ Lower brand loyalty, increased prevalence of one-time buyers

✔️ Prominent use of 1st-party data-driven marketing in rapidly growing stores


1. Expedited Browsing and Order Completion:

Generally, consumers add items to their shopping cart within 2 minutes of exploring a product page, irrespective of the category. Interestingly, beauty category shoppers demonstrate an even shorter browsing time. These shoppers often proceed to purchase within less than 20 minutes from initial product discovery.



2. Increased Shopping Cart Abandonment:

Despite the accelerated 20-minute shopping journey, beauty category shoppers exhibit a lower return rate to finalize their orders. Datarize's analysis indicates that nearly 30% of non-beauty category shoppers revisit the site within a week after populating their shopping cart, while this is true for only 20% of beauty category shoppers.

Given this elevated shopping cart abandonment rate among beauty shoppers, it becomes essential to maintain real-time engagement during browsing and to send reminder notifications or emails about items left in their shopping cart.



3. Lower Brand Loyalty, Increased Single Purchase Instances:

Beauty shoppers exhibit less brand/store loyalty and often opt for guest checkouts using comprehensive payment services like NaverPay. Though this practice simplifies the shopping experience, it leaves no purchase history or buyer interest insights, thereby limiting potential for follow-up engagement or retention campaigns.

Encouraging shoppers to register is an effective strategy for increasing brand loyalty and retention rates. Simplifying the signup process and communicating the benefits of registration can incentivize shoppers to create an account.