Data MakesGrowth.

Let us interpret the data that matters most to you.
Datarize – the data solution
that drives your business.

Our Vision

Achieving Business
Through Data

Datarize harnesses the power of data to demonstrate
your business's growth
potential, and provides a data-driven SaaS solution
that boosts E-commerce sales.

Our Story

How many E-commerce stores
leverage the value of data
to its full potential?

We believe that decisions and executions at customer
touch points should be based on
customer data in order
to realize their value. We also aim to assist all online
stores in
finding problem-solving methods through
data, facilitating both decision-making and execution.

Our Mission

For the true value of data.

ResearchWe tirelessly research the value of data.
TrustworthyWe only offer genuine results.
ProveWe prove the E-commerce growth based on data-driven.
GrowthWe realize the product-driven growth through B2B SaaS solution.
Data is EasyData is EasyData is Easy
Our Milestone

We are growingat this very moment.

26.5 billion+Accumulated data
1000+No. of registered stores1.11 billion+Accumulated profiled users
2023.03Rebranded Datarize service2023.02Launched 'Carousel FriendTalk Service'
2022.08Won the grand prize in the 'Data-based Marketing Sector'
at the 2023 Korea Future Management Awards
2022.01Secured Series A funding
2021.08Established in-house research institute2021.01Divers official service launched
2020.06Secured seed funding from Naver DS2F
and Base Investment
2020.01Launched beta service for Divers
2019.08Founded Datarize

Start Datarize to leverage the genuine value of data for your business growth.

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