You only need to pay according to your MAU. See more information about our monthly and annual Plan below.

Save up to 10% Consider annual billing option to get bigger discount. Fixed MAU applies during the subscription period - regardless your incremental MAU


  • Tell me about the subscription plans.
    To enjoy our system fully, you need to make payment with a monthly plan or annual plan. You get a 10% discount and more benefits with the annual plan. Not sure about our service yet? You can always start with a free 30-day demo and make the decision later.
  • How much is the subscription fee? How is it calculated?
    The fee is calculated based on MAU(Monthly Active Users) of your website. MAU(Monthly Active Users)* is a number of unique users who visit a site within a month.

    If you have used our free 30-day Demo, the first payment will be calculated based on the MAU of that period. Same mechanism applied to the second payment - MAU for the second payment will be calculated from the day of the first payment till the day before the second payment.

    *We count based on the browser cookie ID released by the Datarize script. In other words, if a customer visits twice through one browser, it'd be only counted as 1 MAU.
  • Is there a discount for the cost per message if more messages are sent?
    We do not discount the cost based on the volume of messages at this moment. High volume messaging is not recommended as it can attract cherry pickers and initiate fatigue customers to block the channel. Divers analyzes each customer's message response and sends the message at the level that maximises the purchase conversion rate and ROAS while the number of channel blockers is low.
  • What are the benefits of an annual payment plan?
    By paying a year in advance, you will get a 10% discount. Furthermore, it is more beneficial because the entire fee would be calculated with the first MAU*12, and no extra charge will be added even if the MAU increases throughout the year.

    The annual plan can be refunded in full without condition within one month after payment. Please note that the cost of messages will be excluded, once it is already sent out.
  • What is the refund policy?
    The subscription fee can be refunded in full without condition within 10 days of payment for a monthly payment, within one month after payment for annual payment. Please note that the cost of messages will be excluded, once it is already sent out.
  • What does MAU mean, and how is it measured?
    MAU stands for Monthly Active Users. Datarize count active users by its unique cookie ID that is identified from Datarize's script. If one user visits the same site twice using same browser, then it is counted as 1 visit.

    MAU/DAU is generally somewhere between 18-20. You can estimate your MAU by multiplying DAU by 20.
  • Do you support all kind of web-builder platforms?
    Our solution is compatible with CAFE24, MakeShop, GodoMall at this moment. We can support custom sites if you can sync the needed data from your end (e.g. product data, customer data). If you are under another platform and keen to try our solution, please leave your message so that we can contact you when we are ready to support your platform!

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