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MAU 500K
1,500per month(*Tax excluded)

Key Features of Datarize

  • Campaign AutomationEach message is charged separately
  • Custom Campaign & AudienceEasily created with intuitive UI/UX
  • Campaign AnalysisImpressions, CTR, CVR of each campaigns
  • Store Data AnalysisRevenue, Purchase CVR, Funnel, Acquisition, etc.
  • Customer Data AnalysisSessions, Churn probability, CLV of each customer
  • Product AnalysisImpressions, Clicks, Views, Conversion Relevance, etc.
  • Market Comparison Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Daily Metrics Report

Please check the price
for sending
campaign messages for each type

  • Alim TalkIn Preparation
  • Friend TalkIn Preparation
  • SMSIn Preparation
  • E-mail$0.003/message

The charged balance will be deducted based on the number of messages delivered. (Tax excluded) Kakao Friend Talk, Kakao Alim Talk and LMS are only serviced in Korea.


Q1. What is the difference between the subscription fee and message cost?

Datarize is a subscription service based on regular payments. Once you pay for the subscription, you can utilize all features, including profiling, store data analytics, core metrics, and on-site campaign operation. You need to pay for the message cost separately for the message campaign, and it will be deducted from the charged balance of your account. The cost is calculated by the number of messages delivered X cost per message for each channel.

Q2. What is MAU, and how can it be measured?

MAU stands for 'monthly active users,' and it is calculated through the number of unique browser cookie IDs collected through Datarize's script. In other words, if a user visits the website twice or more for a month using the same browser, this is recognized as 1 user.

Q3. How are the MAU measurement period and subscription fee calculated?

The subscription fee is calculated based on the MAU from the last 30 days (D-1 to D-30) as of the scheduled payment date, and is confirmed on the scheduled payment date. The first subscription fee is calculated based on the MAU from the free trial period. For subscription fees based on MAU, please refer to the information above. Note that custom sites will require a separate consultation, so please make sure to contact us.

Q4. Why is a separate consultation required for custom sites?

Because custom sites have unique systems and BMs, multifaceted analysis and consultation are necessary in order to use Datarize's solutions effectively. Therefore, unlike clients who use platforms, the subscription fee for custom sites is calculated separately by including Datarize's expert consultation services and custom campaign offerings. For more information, please contact us.

Q5. Is there a discount as I send more messages?

We do not offer discounts for the message cost, even for high message volumes. Sending excessive messages can lead to the creation of more cherry pickers, causing customer fatigue and potentially resulting in increased blocks from customers. Therefore, Datarize analyzes individualized message responses for each customer. This ensures that you send messages in a manner that maximizes your purchase CVR and ROAS while minimizing the likelihood of customers blocking your messages.

Q6. Can I get a refund during my subscription?
Subscription Fee: Depending on your selected subscription plan, you may be eligible for a full refund if you make a request within a certain period.
Balance: A refund is available for any remaining charged balance. If you have any messages that are being sent out upon the refund request, the refund amount will be confirmed after the cost for those messages is deducted.
Paid Subscription Plan Eligible full refund period
Annual plan If the service cancellation is requested within 14 days from the start date
Monthly Plan If the service cancellation is requested within 3 days from the start date
If you request a refund after this period, you will receive a refund after deducting the portion used from the total amount paid (calculated on a pro-rata basis without reflecting discounts).

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