Datarize, a seamless solution from diagnosis to campaign actions.

We simplify the data analysis process, help turn complex data analysis into tangible business actions to achieve your business targets.

Make decisions with reliable data analysis

Datarize provides optimized data metrics to accurately measure the marketing performances and its interpretation based on analytic knowledge of top industry experts.

Be updated on active campaign status through the weekly report and regular chat-app message. Aka. Data-talk.

Make your marketing plans with the advice from our experts based on the data analysis.

Manage your business performance with our seamless autonomous system

The system repeats a/b tests of all active campaigns and determines the priority of campaigns according to customers' response. The exposure rate will be automatically adjusted for web-pages and for visitors' preference to increase overall conversion rate.

Handy Tool-kits for Campaign Roll-out

Auto online banners generating feature. Turn on/off the campaigns with one click.

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  • Experts' weekly report 360 analysis on site, channel, product, etc. See Sample Report >
  • Over 50 free Campaign Templates Start your campaign right away using pre-set templates See Templates >
  • API for customization Set the product display order & impression.
    Personalize multi-channel messages.
  • Real-time Data Collection Events tracking without extra settings
  • Instant Set-up Less than 10 minutes Set-up with simple script
  • Precise Profiling Profiling engine of top industry technology

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